Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get at The Rack Spot.

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I want to carry gear on my vehicle, where do I start?
The first thing you need to get in order to start safely carrying your gear is either a roof rack or trailer hitch. Once you have one of those base systems you can add attachments that are specific to what you want to carry.


What racks can I get on my vehicle?
Being that many racks require a specified fit for each vehicle, the options very by the vehicle. To find out which racks fit your vehicle see our fit guide page or call now.


I have nothing on my roof, can I still get a roof rack?
Yes, vehicles with naked roofs have the option of either a roof rack that will clip into the doors (see here) or a custom tailored permanent rack (see here).


There is no rack option for my vehicle listed in the fit guide. What are my options?
We have a variety of custom tailored options that work on just about any roof style. If you prefer a removable fit and you have a new vehicle, you could keep checking the Thule and Yakima fit guides periodically until they make a fit kit for it.


Can I get a hitch on my vehicle?
Yes, we have hitch options for almost all vehicles. Each hitch is molded specifically to each vehicle, find out your hitch number using Curt's Quick Hitch Look-up. Trailer hitch mounted bike racks are our recommended method for carrying your bikes.


How long is your installation?
If you have an appointment: Standard roof rack installs take about 30 minutes, custom roof rack installs take about 2 hours and hitch installs take anywhere from 1 hour - 2 hours depending on the vehicle. We have local dining within walking distance and a waiting area on our showroom floor to pass the time.


Can I transfer my roof rack or hitch to another vehicle?
Roof rack systems will typically only transfer to vehicles with similar roof styles and will usually require buying a new fit kit. Trailer hitches typically won't transfer to new vehicles unless it's the same make and model. However, the bike racks and other attachments typically will transfer over to the new roof rack or hitch system.


Now that I have a roof rack, can I go through a car wash?
No, it is recommended that you take off all racks before going through a car wash. We have seen many racks get damaged by car wash incidents. If you prefer leaving the racks on for the car wash then we recommend a hand wash.


Now that I have a cargo box, can I get in and out of parking garages?
We recommend taking a measurement of your vehicle's height with the box loaded on top and writing it down. It is important to be aware of your clearance height and be careful not enter any garages shorter than that height because we have seen how it turns out.


Will my new hitch mounted bike rack affect my backup sensors?
Yes, you will need to turn off your back up sensors while using your hitch mounted bike rack. However, back up cameras are still usable with some adjusting.


How long is my warranty?
Thule, Yakima and Curt offer a limited lifetime warranty on all their products. The Rack Spot also offers a lifetime warranty on our installations for the life of your vehicle. Please call and ask our sales representatives for specific product warranty information.


Can you price match Amazon?
Yes, The Rack Spot will price match any vendor...even Amazon. Never wait for a sale again! 


Will getting a hitch or roof rack effect my lease?
We recommend checking with your dealership first before racking out your leased vehicle. However, we find that it's usually not an issue because racks increase the resale value of the vehicle and most can be removed once your lease is up. The Rack Spot only stocks top of the line racks that won't cause damage to your vehicle.


Do you carry spare parts?
Yes, we stock and recycle all of the spare parts we can for your convenience. If we do not have what you need in stock we could usually order it. Spare parts must be ordered in-store or over the phone.