Trailer Hitches

We carry top-of-the-line, custom-fit hitches by the top manufacturers, and we have a great team of installers at our retail stores to make sure your installation goes as quickly as possible.



Turn your vehicle into a load-carrying machine  

Trailer hitches for cars… Trailer hitches installed!
Rack N Road installed trailer hitches improve the load carrying capabilities of your vehicle. Once you have a hitch installed, a large number of tasks that were once unthinkable are now possible. Whether your goal is to carry bicycles or tow a trailer, we will find a solution for you.
We carry only the top-of-the-line, custom-fitted trailer hitches made by the top manufacturers such as Curt trailer hitches and Draw-tite. Due to the custom fit, they bolt to the frame, and use pre-existing holes in most situations. No welding is required. No matter what your towing needs, our Certified Trailer Hitch installers have the knowledge and expertise to fit your vehicle properly.
Get Hitched with Experience at The Rack Spot
Here at The Rack Spot, only our certified trailer hitch installers will be working on your vehicle.  We want to earn your business and believe in delivering a positive experience from the very beginning. Contact your nearest retail location to speak to a Rack Spot representative.
Some Useful Hitch Information
A hitch is assigned a rating, which specifies how much weight it can safely carry. To find out which hitch is compatible with your vehicle, call your nearest retail location to speak to one of our Outfitter Pros.